Traveling time savings

Studies shows that 3 vehicles equipped with Econotrack and two way communications tools are as efficient as 4 regular vehicles.

Improved coordination

Eliminating unnecessary extra trips can reduce costs by 30%

More work in less time

Reduce your manpower expenses while boosting your efficiency by at least 15%

Better response time

You improve your customer service noticeably by offering them fast and accurate answers to their questions.

Better decision making

Knowing, in a glance, where your team members are at any time will allow you to take wiser decisions.

Reduction of overtime

This all shows into improved effectiveness without extra costs.



Econotrack earned a solid reputation. Our company is entirely devoted to providing excellent and quality customer service.
Econotrack offers you the following options:

  • Localization on maps
  • Speed and distance reporting
  • Stop length
  • Landmark definition
  • Data archiving

Start benefiting from our cellular location technology today for only 1.50$ a day.